GoodSync Enterprise

Our award-winning sync and backup software has built-in features such as mass deployment, command line, and other advanced options, making it a good solution for any size business or government agency.

GoodSync Enterprise Features

Mass Install

The GoodSync installer can be silent or otherwise controlled using command line options. This allows you to use mass install software to silently install GoodSync on employee workstations.

Automatically Sync on Logon and Logoff

Using the "Auto Sync on Windows Logon and Logoff" setting, you can setup your employee files to be locally available on every computer, yet always be current on a centralized company server:

  • On Logon GoodSync syncs company server to the local computer, thus downloading updated files from the server to the client.
  • On Logoff GoodSync automatically syncs local computer to the company server, thus uploading changed local files to the server.

Environment Variables in Folder Paths

Using environment variable such as %USERNAME% in folder paths of the sync job allows you to setup one set of jobs that would work for all employees. For example, you can set-up a job that syncs "%USERPROFILE%" to "\\NETSHARE\BACKUPS\%USERNAME%" once every day and then copies jobs.tic file (list of jobs) to all employees GoodSync profile. Using the above settings sets up an environment where every employee has an automatic backup job that syncs their profile to the backup server.

Command Line and Task Scheduler

A sync job can be created and started using the GoodSync command line. This allows you to easily call GoodSync from batch files as well as any other program. Also GoodSync can be easily run from the Windows Task Scheduler; you can program the Task Scheduler directly from GoodSync Options -> Auto dialog.

Job Templates

Job Templates allow you to pre-program the most popular jobs used by the company, requiring minimal input from the user of simply specifying the backup/sync folder location. Since employees may have difficulty establishing advanced features such as file exclusions correctly, using Job Templates increases the ease of use for your employees.

Auto Backup of Replaced Files

You can set-up GoodSync to automatically save a copy of the file that GoodSync is about to replace when syncing. This setting allows you to always maintain the last two versions of any file.

Auto Mount of Network Shares

GoodSync automatically mounts network share folders when "Analyze" is started.

For orders of 100 or more licenses please call the Enterprise Sales Team at +1-877-SIBER-11 (877-742-3711) x118. For International calls dial +1-703-218-1851.

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