RoboForm Enterprise

In companies across the globe, computer users on average find themselves with 10 or more passwords. As a result, company IT departments are flooded with password reset requests and in a constant struggle to increase password security without increasing costs and user frustration.

RoboForm Enterprise by Siber Systems is an advanced, full-featured alternative to SSO. Enterprise password management with RoboForm is the easiest and most cost-effective way to improve password security while making employees more productive.

RoboForm Enterprise reduces your employees’ passwords to one secure password and provides true automated logins (a better Single Sign-On). Implementing RoboForm decreases IT costs, increases employee productivity, and improves employee morale. Unlike other Enterprise Single Sign-on solutions, RoboForm is easy to implement, completely customizable, and comes with a risk-free trial.

To protect corporate assets, IT departments typically impose strict password requirements on their employees. However, the additional security usually has one distinct tradeoff: Higher costs.

RoboForm Enterprise allows companies to increase password security while at the same time reducing IT costs.

RoboForm Enterprise saves time and money by reducing the burden on helpdesk staff, increasing end user productivity, and increasing password security. All of this combines to positively impact the bottom line.

Helpdesk Cost Savings

  • Frees up first tier support staff from the mundane task of resetting passwords allowing them to focus on more difficult requests.
  • Reduces the need for helpdesk personnel to man a help desk or be on call 24 hours a day.

Organizational Cost Savings

  • A simple, secure, and effective Single Sign-On solution for passwords has been shown to divert over 30% of trouble tickets from help desks, network administrators and office managers, resulting in a significant cost savings.
  • Helping to provide 24x7 access to password-protected accounts directly results in greater employee productivity which improves the bottom-line.
  • Reduction in employee distraction and frustration caused by forgotten passwords allows them to focus on their job.

Employee Cost Savings

  • Employee's self-management of their own passwords relieves them from waiting for assistance.
  • Improves employee productivity by providing 24x7 access to vital applications.
  • Helps employees remember one password by guaranteeing the same password is used. This eliminates problems before they escalate.
  • Reduces employee frustration by reducing interaction with varied personalities, while providing a friendly automated interface to the employee's self-service needs.
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