About Siber Systems

We are a privately-held company, headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia. Our flagship products, RoboForm and GoodSync, are used by millions of people worldwide. Our customers range from individual users and small businesses, to government agencies and leading Fortune 500 companies.

Photograph of Siber Systems employees at the Virginia Headquarters.

The staff at our headquarters in Fairfax, VA

RoboForm alleviates the burdens associated with password management by remembering and generating passwords, automatically logging into websites, and even completing long online checkout forms with a single click. First released and continually updated since 2000, RoboForm is the original password manager. RoboForm Enterprise, our first business version was released in 2009. RoboForm Premium (previously called RoboForm Everywhere) is our cross-platform subscription service for individuals and was launched in late 2010. In 2015, we re-launched RoboForm for Business as a software as a service solution (SaaS). In 2017, with the release of version 8, we transitioned to a freemium model for our consumer offerings. The same year, we released RoboForm Family, allowing for 5 Premium accounts under a single subscription.

GoodSync, our reliable and robust automatic file synchronization software was first launched in 2006. 2009 saw the release of GoodSync Enterprise, with versions for servers and workstations. Our proprietary P2P protocol GoodSync Connect was launched in 2011. In 2016, we released GoodSync Connect, a web-based administrative tool to control and monitor GoodSync clients. In 2017, we launched File Server, GoodSync's private cloud solution.

Shows Siber products are used worldwide.

194 countries

Siber Systems products have been purchased in 194 countries and territories.

Shows Siber products are used worldwide.

30+ languages

RoboForm and GoodSync are available in more than 30 languages.

Shows Siber products are used worldwide.

24/7 support

We offer 24/7 email support, as well as chat support during business hours EST.

The RoboForm Community

Leadership Team

Vadim Maslov

Simon Davis
VP, Marketing

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Director of Enterprise

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VP, Product Development

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Customer Support

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