BtYacc: BackTracking Yacc

Welcome to BtYacc -- BackTracking Yacc.
Current version is 3.0.


This is original Berkeley Yacc modified by Chris Dodd and then further enhanced by Vadim Maslov to better fit production environment (and to have less bugs, too).


(1) Download and unzip:

(1a) UNIX users: Download file btyacc-3-0.tar.gz.
Gunzip and untar distribution file:
gunzip btyacc-3-0.tar.gz
tar xvf btyacc-3-0.tar

(1b) WIN32 users:Download file
Unzip distribution file:
pkunzip -d

(1c) Version 2.1.We temporarily dropped support for C in 3.0 and now only C++ is supported. So version 2.1 -- the last version that supported C -- is also available. If you want to reincorporate C support into 3.0, you are welcome to send your changes to by email.

Download file btyacc-2-1.tar.gz or file

(2) Compile: see compilation instructon in the enclosed README file.

Examples of Use

Chris Dodd used BtYacc to write a C++ parser.

Siber Systems used BtYacc to develop commercial Cobol parser, which is a part of CobolTransformer toolkit.

Readme file

You can find a copy of the README for BtYacc at the following link.

Siber Systems